Monday, 10 April 2017

How To Make A Tissue Paper Carnation

Have you seen the pretty tissue paper flowers that Nicky has made for our counter area recently...they are soo pretty!

We've had lots of enquiries about how to make them, so Nicky has done us a brilliant picture tutorial to show you just how easy they are to make!

Hello, Nicky here!
 You will need tissue paper, I had a pile of 5 sheets that I folded a couple of times to give me 15 layers, which I then die cut with a scalloped circle die.  You will also need a stamen, a die cut star in green, pierce-it tool, pricking mat and PVA glue.

Keeping all the layers together poke a hole through the centre.

Feed the stamen through the hole, then add a tiny blob of PVA glue and push the tissue paper up.

Next holding the tissue tight against the stamen head, scrunch one layer of tissue, being careful not to tear the paper.

Keep scrunching each layer separately until you reach the end, don't be tempted to do two layers, patience will be rewarded! If you find the layers hard to separate, lick your thumb and forefinger and grab the paper, pull your fingers apart and hopefully this should separate the layers.

Now that you have done that, start unraveling them! Again one layer at a time, if you get two layers they will create a funny looking ridge in the flower, again be patient!

Keep going! if you need to, a pair of tweezers can help at this stage. You may also wish to add a drop of glue to the stamen occasionally, but be sparing with it, no-one wants soggy flowers!

Hopefully you will end up with something that looks like this!

To finish the flowers, pierce a hole in the star, then feed it onto the stem and add some PVA.  Push it all the way up to the base of the tissue paper and hold for a few moments to secure.

If you wish to add these flowers to cards or scrapbook pages, wait until they are completely dry before cutting the stamen with wire cutters as close to the base of the flower as possible, You can hot glue them to your projects, or keep them on the stems and arrange in bunches in jam jars or on flower garlands.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch or come and see us in store.

Thanks for joining us today,
Cate and Nicky

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