Friday, 25 April 2014

Decorated Pumps

 Sue Tedeschi recently transformed a cheap and cheerful pair of pumps into something special! It's so cost effective and quick to do, here's how...
Plain Pumps
Soft Paintbrush
Separate the napkins into the fine layers. Tear the pieces you wish to use from the napkin, a torn edge makes it easier to blend the pieces together. It's also worth noting that a napkin with a white background will work better on a pair of white pumps.
You could also use rubber stamps with Stazon Inks, to decorate the plain tissue layer and use this.
 Lay the torn tissue flat where you would like it to be and apply it to the shoe using Jo Sonja's Textile medium.  Load your paintbrush well with the medium and, with soft strokes, apply it to the tissue - working from the centre of the piece outwards. Ensure that plenty of medium is applied...if the tissue seems to be tearing it usually means that not enough medium is being used.
Once the required design has been achieved leave to dry well – this could take up to a week.
To give a water proof finish to the canvass, cover with Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer, then leave to dry – again this could take up to a week.
Why not come to one of our Home Décor workshops and give it a go!
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