Saturday, 30 March 2013

Applique Wedding Wallet Tutorial

Today I thought I would share a Wedding Wallet invitation tutorial with is so easy to create stunning handcrafted invitations that you can be proud of!

Stick double sided tape around the invitation wallet, ensuring that you fold as you go so that the tape is not too tight.

Remove a little of the tape at a time and attach the ribbon, starting under the flap and finishing under the pocket to ensure a neat finish.

Use double sided tape on the pocket flaps to stick together.
Attach a velcro dot over the edge of the ribbon to ensure a neat finish.

Use permanent double sided tape to stick the flower embellishment to your invitation.
Now you have a stunning invitation to send to your guests...they won't believe that you have made it yourself!
Take a look at The Mulberry Bush for more wedding inspiration.
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